So i FINALLY have time to do a read along and I wanted to share it.  The first round of questions are due Wednesday but if you miss out this time you can pick up on the next round of questions.  I started the book this morning and I am really liking it so far.  Easy ready.

 For more information and to follow along click the badge 🙂


HAPPY READING!  Let me know what you listen to while you read.  I would love to share some on here.

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One Response to Mermaid

  1. Sharmila says:

    While I like listening to music while doing practically anything else, when I read I like to focus on the book. Somehow music vies for attention with the mind imagery being created for me so I like to read in silence.
    Thanks for introducing me to the book. I’m definitely going to seek it out. The fairy tale made me sad when I read it as a child. Have you read Death at Pemberley? Not sure if you’re into old English literature, but this one is a continuation of Pride and Prejudice. New story, same characters.

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