So here it is! I took a poll this week on what people were listening to when they read. Given I didn’t get much feedback but what I did get was what I expected which further proved I am not entirely all there. The responses ranged from Pandora radio station circa 1990s metal to the Eagles. J Both fabulous choices I might add. Most of you responded saying “nothing it distracts me from the book.” I can see this but I began to take a new approach to this given how much time I spend on public transportation and how much time in college I spent plugged into my headphones during studio and studying. Now books and music seem to go together for me.

Story: A very dear person in my life is writing a book and I have had the pleasure of reading it to edit…one day on an horrible traffic day I was listening to Biffy Clyro while reading one of her chapters. I now attribute that band to her excellent book. So when I listen to it I think of parts in her story and actually attribute Mountains to one of her characters.

Other books I attribute to a specific band (cause sadly I get stuck listening to bands sometimes when I read)

Idlewild – Gone with the Wind

Lucero – Jane Eyre
Flyleaf – The Other Boleyn Girl
hmmmmm i promise i read other things besids girly books as you will see in time…

My all time favorite books (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series and Harry Potter series) don’t have bands cause I have read them SO MUCH that the music is always changing.

I love it when a song comes on that fits what I am reading!

Here is the acoustic version of Mountains by Biffy Clyro.


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