Glitter Tart

It is interesting that this comes up today since I brought work home and my boyfriend who has never seen how I work made fun of me for hand drafting saying “what is this the 1940s?”  YES I hand draft I like the way it feels and I can plan things out better and get a sense of what it looks like.  To sum it up I like to create with my hands.  So this tutorial came out for my favorite holiday and I have to share and it would be NOTHING without a song to go along with it.

So first up the tutorial.  Brought to you by Glitter Tart Design it AWESOME Halloween candles.  You can get there by clicking the image of clicking HERE!

Now for something to work to.  I feel like since it is Halloween I need to reach back into one of my FAVORITE BANDS.

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This past week I re-formatted my computer…I know that doesn’t interest you but this might.  In the process of readying my computer for the upgrade I backed everything up and found an album I got back in June that I never listened to!  Mainly because somehow probably in my haste I put it in an unlabeled folder.  Well true to my form this album has become my recent obsession.  Bat For Lashes – Two Suns.  Opening slowly with almost a song more akin to reading a poem it quickly grows into a great drum beat with Natasha’s voice gaining strength, volume with lyrics that paint pictures of fantasy.  I am a lover of music that I can open my imagination to and this album does that.  My favorite songs are Glass and Daniel.  Since Glass doesn’t have a video here is Daniel.


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This is Polica

A few short months ago we learned that Roma di Luna was moving away into new projects.  Now enter POLICA.  I had the fortune to see them on their first trek out of the twin cities as openers for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.  If you know and like Roma di Luna then this might not be exactly what you expect.  Channy’s voice is so beautiful and versatile that she was able to seamlessly make the leap from American indie folk to sultry and haunting.  I must admit when they first started I was a little offput by the Auto-Tune but quickly realized that the desired effect with the lyrics was perfect for her voice (do not worry if you don’t like auto-tune it is not used 100% of the time).  All in all if you get a chance to see Polica DO!  The only downfall is their album won’t be out for quiet a while.  Meanwhile check out their website where they have a few songs loaded for you to listen to.

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A Paralyzing Fear

“In the summer of 1916, New York City was struck with a strange epidemic.   More and more children were affected, until thousands in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut were sick.  At first, it seemed to be a cold, with a headache and sometimes chills.  Then, paralysis might set in, anything from a joint suddenly stiff to the whole body immobilized.  Some were suddenly unable to breathe or swallow, and death followed as quickly as the illness had begun.  By mid-August, 9000 children had shown symptoms of the disease.” -A Paralyzing Fear-

Almost everywhere you go you see a canister to collect money for the March of Dimes.  But how many people know why and where it started.  In fact Marches of Dimes was just that when it started the phrase was a gimmick created by an actor to raise money to fight the Polio epidemic which terrified our nation from 1916 – the 1950s.  If everyone could give a dime they could raise the money to fight back. 

     A Paralyzing Fear is an amazing documentary about Polio and how it effected our nation.  In 1916 we reacted with fear.  There were stories of families moving towns when a case of polio arose thinking that would save their children.  It wasn’t until FDR was diagnosed with it when the impression of polio the treatment and the funding really changed.  People went from cowering fear to fighting back.  The fight against polio gave rise to the poster child and national fundraising for something other than the military or church. 

     Of course you can’t talk about polio without talking about Salk.  A man who even after discovering a vaccine was still shunned by the scientist community and was never seen as more as a technician…funny since the lab facility he got out of that is still one of the most amazing pieces of architecture on the face of the earth.  This documentary talks about how he fought his own community to get this vaccine and how the government really was never involved in any of the testing for these drugs (or any other at the time) and turned a blind eye that both of the competitors looking for a vaccine were testing on children.  Amazing what people got away with before the FDA.

     Overall i highly recommend seeing this.  A great look at our society at the time, the scientific community, and how we have changed because of it.  You can acctually check it out two ways.  Instant streaming on Netflix or at this link.

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Fetish Fest, Bikes, and Cheese?…


Odd title I know but this past weekend was well…just that odd!  This is my second venture of Montreal and I am not gonna lie the trip gets better each time.  We stayed at the same place as before, Alexandrie-Montreal it is in a great location, very clean, and honestly not having ever understanding the phrase before very fun.  Here is the breakdown

Friday…arrive and drop off our stuff.  The guy at the counter was an Australian hippy who felt the need to share the fact that a drum circle would be taking place on Sunday in the Parc Du Mont-Royal.  While he felt the need to share that I feel the need to share the parking situation.  Last time we were there they didn’t have parking zones really so this time a hilarious guy from Spain explained to us the deal with parking laughing hysterically at the silliness of parking in Montreal and describing in excruciating comical detail about how and when we can park.  It is actually an art.  After finally parking we dropped the bags and went to dinner making sure we got back to the hostel in time for $2 Sangria made by the awesome Spanish guy.  Once we got back to the Hostel we ended up sitting at a table with 10 Australians who had never met each other till that day and got to talking. 

Wine gone not a problem let’s head to a bar! 

Let me tell you about a JUG of beer.  Now we know about pitchers here in the states but WHY don’t we have jugs.  I could swim in that thing and we had three at our table.  I learned a lot about Perth cause it turned out that 8 of them are from Perth and the other 2 (a couple) are from Brisbane.  The guy and his girlfriend working at the Hostel had been in Montreal for 2 months.  They explained how they travelled the world.  They call the city they are interested in living in for a time searching different hostels they might be able to work in and then head there.  Really great idea actually you get a place to stay and a little money while you see a new place!  Leaving the bar was a very different experience.  Apparently it was FetishFest this weekend…I saw things no person should EVER SEE.  I think I will leave it there.  Except for the fact that we spoke to two of them on St. Catherine’s street for at least 30 min.  At 4:00am we literally staggered back to the Hostel.  Great night to open the weekend with great people I am glad I met.

Day 2…HOLY HOTNESS I am used to the weather man saying 80 degrees and it getting to 80 at 3:00pm for 30 min and that is it and at night the temp going back down to 60…no Montreal says 80 they mean 90 ALL DAY AND NIGHT.  We rented city bikes.  Which turned out to be a great idea.  We road to every site we loved to see the last time.  All the parks and building, we even took a lap on the F1 track.  It was relaxing, fun, and beautiful.  Dinner on St. Denis is the perfect end to any day.  We ate in a restaurant that was BYO Alcohol.  So we got an amazing bottle of Rioja at SAQ and ate at a really crowded and awesome Italian restaurant. 

Sunday was a not great weather day but still a great day.  We decided to drive to the places we didn’t bike to on Saturday.  We drove up the Parc Du Mont-Royal and walked to the lookout area and saw the entire city.  No we didn’t take part in the drum circle…which apparently happens rain or shine.  But I can imagine them sitting there saying “Mother Nature is shedding tears of JOY at our drumming keep it going” HA  After the park we went over to the Olympic park which is a rather interesting space…Then checked out a skate park called Le Taz.  By then we were DEAD tired and it was raining.  So we took a small break before a great dinner with pizza and beer. 

But where does the cheese come in?  Monday we drove back and decided to stop by Cabot VT.  No one told us that apparently it was going to be raining 2″ per HOUR IN VT on Monday.  That poor state is just getting slammed.  No one also told us that Cabot is 30 min off the highway.  But I have to tell you the drive to Cabot was worth it.  The endless cheese samples alone paid off and the tour was fabulous! 

Sadly…back to the real world.

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“I am Britan’s most famous prisoner”

So back to things a little lighter.

MOVIE REVIEW: Bronson staring Tom Hardy directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.

This movie is pretty much ALL Tom Hardy ALL the time.  While other characters dot the landscape this is more a travel into the mind and times of Bronson.  After some research I am not sure how accurate it is in terms of the timeline but I am fairly certain the director was more interested in the alter ego and personality that is Bronson.  For those squeamish there isn’t nearly as much Violence as the trailer makes it out to be.  But I would definitely liken it to a modern day Clockwork Orange.

If you like:  Clockwork Orange and Snatch there is a pretty decent chance you will like this also.  And come on Tom hardy spends probably 1/4 of the movie stark naked.




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The Revit Conundrum

Please click the image for the original link!

I have recently heard a growing undercurrent in the architectural industry that has me worried.  It seems that Revit is becoming what AutoCAD was 15+ years ago.  While this is a wonderful shift it has introduced an old argument.  What happens to the employees at the firms unwilling to make the change?

In the 80s when CAD programs really began to grab hold the first of the modern divisions began.  Round One in the left corner CAD in the right corner Hand Drafting.  CAD certainly won that match much as BIM will win this one (until the next big thing comes along).  But what of the employees caught in the middle.  This revival of the modern argument has come at a terrible time in our industry.  This is a time when firms openly admit that they will not look at the resume of an unemployed person and have now added “must have a project in Revit” to their requirements.  The Catch-22 about this request is that MOST of the firms requesting this haven’t really started Revit themselves.  Upon entering these firms you still see the vestiges of those black background screens with the 2-d yellow, red, and blue lines.  Not to mention I have had someone tell me it isn’t always best to do a new project in Revit…but this is an argument for a later conversation.

As a 27 year old I can honestly and confidently say that anyone in my age group or below that draft daily can pick up a program on their own or in an office with no training, especially if they have used a BIM program before (Revit, ArchiCAD, VectorWorks etc.)  I learned AutoCAD, ArchiCad, and Revit by someone showing me how to draw a wall and open the parameters menu and letting me go.  The little Revit training I did receive was insufficient to how I now use the program.  Within a year I have become the Revit Coordinator for the project I am working on.  I now get questions daily from people that have been using Revit far longer than I have.

So where do we go?  How do we fix this problem because I would rather a firm hire the right person rather than a person who just has a “Revit project.”  I know a lot of people with a “Revit project” who can’t use Revit.  There seems to me to be a disconnect between the staffing plan created possibly by people who no longer even know how to use AutoCAD let alone a BIM program and the actual staff producing the work.

I hope that people read this and give pause for thought.

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